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Kitiki Beach Lapidary Studio Tumbler Kit For Jewellery, Silver, Art Clay, Metals, and PMC. Kitiki Beach Lapidary Studio Tumbler Kit For Jewellery, Silver, Art Clay, Metals, and PMC. Kitiki Beach Lapidary Studio 1150cc Plastic Drum.

The Kitiki Studio Lapidary Kit For Glass, Metals, Minerals, Rocks, And Stones.

The Studio Tumbler Kit is generally used for smoothing and polishing glass, metal parts, minerals, rocks, and stones, although it has other applications. It's ideal if you want to put a matte or gloss finish on beach glass, garden discoveries, and small pebbles.

The kit comprises a motor base, an 1150cc plastic drum, a three-grit pack with 400gms of 80 grit, 400gms of 220 grit, and 340gms of 400 grit, 200 gms of zinc oxide polish, and 250gm of plastic pellets to distribute the polish.

Tumblers and polishers can be used to refine, matte, or gloss the surface on brass, bronze, cartridge shells, castings, coins, copper, fashion accessories, fingerprint keepsakes, glass, gold, gun components, jewellery, keys, metals, minerals, model parts, rocks, shells, silver, small treasures, and stones. And there are diverse archeological, engineering, geological, hobby, and industrial applications.

Prices here are transparent: the kit prices include a UK-EU voltage and CE-marked motor base, a rotating drum, abrasive or polishing media, comprehensive instructions, UK VAT, and continuing free support from a top-tier international distributor. So you can start work straight away.

You don't have to buy a complete kit. All the components for all the kits are available separately, so you can mix-and-match the combination you need. To learn more about the separate parts, use the separate parts link.

For prices, trading terms, and secure on-line shopping, use the shop link below the menu bar near the top-right of any page. The order form is after the price list, near the bottom.

Kitiki Beach Lapidary ST3 Studio Tumbler Motor Base. Kitiki Beach Lapidary ST3 Studio Tumbler Motor Base With An 1150cc Plastic Drum.
Studio Tumbler Motor Base. Studio Tumbler With An 1150cc Plastic Drum.
Kitiki Beach Lapidary Studio 1150cc Plastic Drum. Kitiki Abrasive Grits.
Starter 700cc Plastic Drum. Kitiki Abrasive Grits.
Kitiki Zinc Oxide Polish. Kitiki Pellets.

Here are some important reminders:

The motor base is an economy model: no roller-ball drum end-stops, no toothed nylon-reinforced drive belt, and no non-slip cogged drive wheels. However, although it's compact, it's not a toy.

The kit includes a plastic drum: it's cheaper than a rubber drum. It rests on two rollers, one of which is turned by the motor. To keep it in place as it rotates, it's constrained by the roller supports, one at each end.
Although a rubber drum is much simpler to open and close, and quieter in use, I can't recommend upgrading. The roller supports don't make good contact with the rounded edge of the metal lid and the drum can drag or slip.

Using high-quality shot is vital. Ours is made for us, from slightly-magnetic, rust-resistant, stainless steel. It has a good mix of balls, planetoids, pins, and rods to suit every contour: not just one-size balls with a few planetoids.
Anything described elsewhere as a getting-started pack will almost certainly have regular-steel shapes with no fine balls or pins. And regular-steel shot will soon corrode, make a mess, and spoil your work, so you'd need to buy an appropriate pack sooner rather than later.


The Kitiki Studio Tumbler Kit For Glass, Lapidary, Metals, Minerals, Rocks, And Stones.

Kitiki Beach Lapidary Studio Tumbler.      Kitiki Beach Lapidary 1150cc Plastic Drum. Kitiki Abrasive Grits. Kitiki Zinc Oxide Polish.

The kit comprises a CE Marked motor base, an 1150cc 147mm x 113mm diameter plastic barrel, a three-grit pack with 400gms of 80 grit, 400gms of 220 grit, and 340gms of 400 grit, 200 gms of zinc oxide polish, and 250gm of plastic pellets to distribute the polish. The kit uses the Beach ST3 motor base which is guaranteed by the manufacturer for five years: providing you've cared for it.

The motor is rated at 230V-240V 25W, so can use a regular mains socket. It's fully-enclosed inside a vented aluminium case rather than, as with some tumblers, exposed at one end: so it's less prone to damage and damp, and takes up less space.

Including the barrel, it measures 200mm x 130mm x 200mm high, weighs about 2kg, and comes with a 1.8 metre cable ending in a UK 3-pin plug. Plastic protectors stop the tumbler marking your work-top, or slowly creeping and falling off.

The barrel revolves on two plastic rollers, one of which is turned by the motor. There are two plastic barrel-end-stops and a neoprene drive belt which can be adjusted for tension, although it's intended to be loose.

The 1150cc drum is often called a full-size or 3.0lb drum. However, as it holds 1150cc of water, about 1150gm, it's really a 2.53lb drum. So, if you see it described elsewhere as having an actual capacity of 3.0lb, it doesn't.

As you can see in the photo, the 1150cc plastic drum uses the full width of the tumbler body, but you can use two smaller 480cc plastic drums at the same time.

The grits are silicon carbide: an angular, hard, sharp, material which fractures into smaller angular particles, making it an effective abrasive. Generally, 80 grit is classed as medium, 220 as fine, and 400 as very fine. They come in plastic screw-top pots: not plastic bags, and not pots that can't be closed once the seal has been broken.
The final phase for polishing glass and stones uses a very fine zinc oxide paste mixed with small plastic pellets to help distribute it and stop it sticking together in lumps.

The instructions for all the tumblers and polishers can be printed here, using the instructions link below the menu bar near the top of the page.

Kitiki Beach Lapidary 700cc Plastic Drum. Kitiki Kimber Allen 510cc Rubber Drum. Kitiki Kimber Allen 950cc Rubber Drum. Kitiki Beach Lapidary 2000cc Rubber Drum.

The Kitiki Plastic And Rubber Barrels.

Plastic drums are a bit fiddlesome to open and close. However, to make the lid easier to push on, stand it in hot water. When it's on, the drum needs to be squeezed to expel as much air as possible because, during prolonged tumbling, the air warms up and expands and can cause the drum to leak.

To make the lid easier to pull off, the whole drum needs to stand in hot water. Prising it off is a good way to break your nails and there's a slight risk that it will suddenly come off and you'll spill your work, shot or grit, and soapy water.

You'll need to be careful with a plastic drum and the push-on end caps. If they're not pushed on all the way, the drum won't turn properly and might fall off the rollers.

If you have to work in the same room, plastic drums are noisier than rubber: especially as some glass, rocks, and stones might need to tumble for days.

A rubber drum is simpler to fill and empty than a plastic drum as it has a different lid: at one end there's an inner metal lid, a rubber sealing ring, an outer metal lid, and a retaining wing-nut.

If you want to upgrade but want something about the same size, look at the Home Tumbler Kit. Or, if you would prefer a larger machine, look at the Professional Tumbler Kit. Both include a rubber drum and are better engineered, with more powerful motors, roller-ball drum end-stops, toothed nylon-reinforced drive belts, and non-slip cogged drive wheels.


Fitting And Removing A Plastic Barrel Lid.

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Plastic drums are economy drums, although they work perfectly well. Unlike rubber drums that have a screw-on lid, plastic drums have a push-on lid. To prevent leaks, the lid has to be a good fit. There's an easy way to fit and remove the lid. Here are two videos:

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Polished Copper Beads. Polished Silver Ring. Polished Gold Ring. Polished Belt Buckle.

The Kitiki Studio Tumbler Kit For Jewellery, Silver, Gold, Art Clay, PMC, And Metals.

If you've already bought this tumbler for glass, metals, minerals, rocks, and stones, but now want to try jewellery, gold, and silver, you'll need 500gms of mixed-shape, rust-resistant, stainless-steel shot and 225cc of special cleaner and corrosion inhibitor.

However, grits and polish are a bit like sandy toothpaste, and cleaning out a drum completely, storing the grit, and swapping back to shot is messy and tedious. And I wouldn't recommend using the same single drum for grits and shot as one stray grit particle in the shot will scratch your work.

You could use two barrels: one for grits and one for shot, marked so that you don't mix them up. But, budget constraints aside, it's much better to use four drums for the three grit grades and the polish, and one drum one for the shot. It makes cleaning and storing easier, especially as the three grits look similar and the polish must be kept grit-free.

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